Laura Silverman

Laura is the founder of Zero Proof Nation and Booze Free in DC, two platforms focused on highlighting non-alcoholic beverages and the culture driving their growth. Sober since 2007, she is co-host of By Volume, a podcast focused on the intersection between music and non-alcoholic beverages and recently started as Adult Non-Alcoholic Drinks Industry Advisor to The Spearhead Group. She is frequently sought after as an industry subject matter expert by publications such as Wine Enthusiast, Forbes, America’s Test Kitchen, and the BBC.

Laura describes herself as a ‘karaoke rockstar’ and as well as belting out tunes at the top of her voice is also excited by the idea of tasting what's new in beer and aperitifs at the World Alcohol-Free Awards.

‘But also wine, spirits, RTDs, botanicals and kombuchas,’ she says. ‘Did I mention I love everything?’