Augustin Laborde

Augustin Laborde is the founder of ‘Le Paon Qui Boit’ (‘The Drinking Peacock’) - France’s' first non alcoholic drinks store, located in Paris. The shop boasts more than 400 bottles of low and zero proof beers, wines, gins, sparklings blanc de blancs, etc. You can read more about it in our article here.

Augustin spent the first part of his career working in conflict zones, mostly in Afghanistan, and when not at his shop he still serves at the French National Court of Asylum and the French inspectorate of prisons. 

When judging, he’s really looking forward to trying new apéritifs. Drinks, as he puts it,  ‘that do not try to imitate the taste or smell of classical alcoholic drinks but try to bring consumers to unknown new worlds, through a totally new tasting experience. And that are organic and low in sugar of course!’