Gen Z ensuring that alc-free drinks ‘are here to stay’
6 July 2023

Generation Z’s openness to new products and diminishing interest in alcohol will drive growth in non-alcoholic drinks well into the future, according to market analyst firm, Euromonitor.

According to the company, those born between 1990 and 2015 have a totally different attitude to health and drinking from any previous generation – even Millennials – and this is having a radical impact on the drinks landscape.

‘Generation Z has displayed a noticeable trend of reduced alcohol consumption,’ said Spiros Malandrakis, head of alcoholic drinks at Euromonitor. ‘All major non-alcoholic segments were among the top performers in [our] latest alcoholic drinks system update.’

According to Euromonitor, over the last year alc-free beer grew at 6%, wine at 9% and spirits at 10%.   

‘This is proving to be much more than just a passing fad,’ said Malandrakis.

The analyst firm points out that Gen Z often socialise in very different ways from previous generations, in environments that prioritise creativity or authenticity (such as art exhibitions or festivals) rather than simple drinking establishments.

There is also a far greater emphasis on mental and physical health, and non-alcoholic drinks are well placed to cash in on both of these trends.

‘With mindful drinking and sober curiosity, dry venues and events, no/low focused retailers and launches that blur the lines between the alcoholic and non-alcoholic universes, there’s little doubt that this once-niche trend is now established, evolving and holds huge untapped future potential,’ said Malandrakis.

The company points out that the next generation of alc-free drinks – euphorics and alcohol proxies (aka functionals) will continue to drive interest going forward.

‘The no/low landscape is one of the most innovative and exciting in the alcohol ecosystem,’ said Malandrakis. ‘And it is here to stay.’

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Pic courtesy of Sentia